Greenhouse, Orchards tractor 60-65-75-100hp small size narrow width tractor

This tractor has narrow tread and lower height can work well in greenhouse,garden and orchard.

Low Oil Consumption High Efficiency

  • Matched with 40-70 horse-power domestically excellent engine, an updated emission, a big torque reserve, a low oil consumption and a strong driving power。
  • The super short axis designing is equipped with an adjustable steering wheel, making the operation more flexible. The liquid pressure has an independent oil supply; the whole liquid pressure has independent steering and the steering radius is small。
  • The dual-role clutch is adopted and a big chassis is utilized at the end of the 8+4 gear. Clients can select to install the side gear-shift, the climbing gear and the shuttle gear, making the gear allocation reasonable. The optional strong-pressure elevator can increase the elevation force, speed up the acceleration and make the reliability higher. The optional two-wheel increases the driving power。
  • The brand new streamlined sculpture cover makes the machine’s appearance more beautifu。
  • The tractor has widespread application, which can meet the cultivation demands of greenhouses, forestry and fruit industries, the common farmland and other regions。

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