4 wheels Tractor 140/145/150hp 4WD 4×4 agriculture use, China TF series

This series of tractors have the following standard features:

16F+8R gears
differential lock
Dual-stage clutch
Double lifter cylinder
14.9-26 front tyre
18.4-38 rear tyre

Super power, good performance

  • Match three engine 150 horsepower domestic famous countries, discharge upgrade, low fuel consumption, large torque backup, low power is strong。
  • With double clutch, by using 16 + 8, flat floor lateral shift transmission, speed matching is reasonable, high work efficiency。
  • Double speed power output, according to the operation needs can choose 540/760 540/1000 r/r/min, min and 760/1000 r/min。
  • Enhanced oil cylinder of front drive axle, gap, high bearing capacity is strong。
  • Hydraulic oil supply independently, full hydraulic pressure independent steering, small turning radius。
  • Equipped with cab。